The adaptive learning system of math learning for Chinese highschool students. In this capstone project, I am in the role of the research lead. 


Capstone Project - Spring & Summer Semester

Group work with Tianmi, Lu, Siyu, and Karen

Skills and tools: Affinity Diagram | Interview | Wizard-of-oz 

Python | Sketch

 [This is the link to the spring report (unfinished).  ]


Hunt Statement


Investigate mathematics learning of Chinese high school students to identify their learning process, patterns and challenges. Research on adaptive learning methodologies to inform the design of an adaptive learning platform, which engages students in personalized, efficient and self-regulated learning in order to improve their academic performance. And validate our design solutions with solid evidence.


Project Timeline

This project lasts for 8 months, from January to August 2018. The design process of the capstone project will be like a funnel - open and expanding at the beginning as we brainstorm and exploring, but shrinking and scoping after consolidation and ideation.  



During the process, we will focus on the learning effect and learning experience of students using the adaptive learning system, combining the user-centered research, learning science theories, statistical analysis. The overall project can be split into the five phases:

Phase 1: Planning, Scoping, and Definition

Phase 2: Exploration, Synthesis, and Design Implications

Phase 3: Concept Generation and Early Prototype Iteration
Phase 4: Evaluation, Refinement, and Production
Phase 5: Launch and Monitor


For the spring semester, we are going to focus on the first three phases, more focusing on the step-loop adaptivity. For the summer semester, we will move forward to the task-loop adaptivity and general system functions. The goals, methods, and timeline are listed in the table below as overview.


For more information, please turn to the complete spring report.