Learning Analytics | Quantitative Ethnography | Educational Data Mining

Hi, I am Yeyu. 


I am a first-year Ph.D. in Learning Sciences, Educational Psychology Department, University of Wisconsin - Madison. I am currently a member of the Epistemic Analysis Lab, advised by Prof. David Williamson Shaffer. Before joining the Ph.D. program, I was a research assistant at Penn Center for Learning Analytics, supervised by Prof. Ryan Baker and Dr. Jaclyn Ocumpaugh. I graduated from the Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS) at Carnegie Mellon University (Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science), advised by Prof. Bruce McLaren


I believe in the uniqueness and complexity of human minds and behaviors. My research interest is focused on, but not limited to, learning digital games, multimodal data analysis, human-computer interaction design of learning analytics research tool, and bayesian statistics applied in social sciences.